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Scoreholio is Not Coming for Your Blind Draw

It’s hard to trust computer-based randomization, especially because you tend to remember exceptional events, like the fact that Billy got paired with Betty three weeks in a row. But sometimes you flip five straight tails, and sometimes you’re dealt a full house. I’ll explain below how randomization works and offer up some data that shows why you can trust Scoreholio.

How to Run a Virtual Tournament with Streamholio

With all kinds of rec sports tournaments cancelled and players stuck at home, league organizers and tournament directors have been scrambling to come up with online ways to satisfy their players’ desire to play against real competition.

Way to go, West Branch Cornhole!

The most gratifying thing about running Scoreholio is hearing how we help make life easier for those who use cornhole to build community and camaraderie with leagues and weekly blind draws. I thought this note from Jim Psik who runs West Branch Cornhole in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was not only super nice but does a great job of explaining the value of Scoreholio in the words of a user.

How to Use SPR+ to Figure out SPR Impact

Before every game, Scoreholio predicts what will happen based on both players’ or teams’ Scoreholio Player Ratings. If that does happen, both teams move up or down very little. If something unexpected happens like a lower rated upsetting somebody, or a team that’s supposed to squeak blowing somebody out, you’ll see much bigger swings in SPR. SPR+ allows all of you to dig into the stats for every game you play on the system. Remember to click on the Profile Settings on the top right, there you can edit your name or your club/crew you play for. We have lots more awesome features coming soon, so stay tuned.

Sorry if You’re Having Trouble with SPR+

Last week we launched SPR+ so those of you who want to dive deeper into stats and rankings can have the best player experience possible. As a team we spent countless hours testing the way it works, and how you upgrade to it, but the real world is a scary place for apps like ours with so many devices and OS versions and app versions and ways that people do things. And unfortunately some people are having trouble upgrading. Here’s what we know and what we’re doing to fix things ASAP.

Helping Santa Clarita Heal Through Cornhole

Last week my home town of Santa Clarita experienced a school shooting that took two young lives, seriously injured three more, and deeply affected every one of us who live here and love this town. I now know first-hand the trauma of needing to get your family together, safe, while begrudgingly respecting the need to lock schools down, shelter in place and let law enforcement do their job, and I wouldn’t wish that experience and helpless feeling on anybody.
I also, through cornhole, now know the gratifying feeling of helping the community you love come together to heal and support the victims of something like this.

Running a Cornhole League with Scoreholio

Weekly drop in blind draw cornhole tournaments are tons of fun and a great way to welcome new players to the game, but there are also advantages to running a multi-week set teams league. Running a cornhole league is “easy peasy” thanks to using Scoreholio’s exportable game log and ability to import teams. These tools give you the flexibility to do whatever works for your club and venue. I made this video about import/export for leagues a while ago, and will explain how to do it below.

Running a Round Robin Cornhole Tournament with Scoreholio

I bet you’re used to double elimination cornhole tournaments where you’re a “loser” with one loss and out of the action with a second. It’s the most common format by far, but during several years running double elimination cornhole tournaments I became painfully familiar with a few huge drawbacks. I think double elimination brackets became popular because running one used to be easier than round robin, but Scoreholio has made round robin easy peasy. Here’s how to set up and run a round robin tournament with a playoff using Scoreholio.