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Gather Your Squad and Throw Down with Squadholio

Cornhole and other bar sports are almost always played between two individuals or 2-person teams, but Scoreholio now gives tournament directors and league administrators the ability to combine people and teams into “squads” that take each other on in a battle for supremacy. It’s a fun format that can turn individually-oriented games into collective competitions that generate great camaraderie and community, and we’re calling it “Squadholio.”

Happy Birthday, Switcholio!

Last night I ran my 54th Switcholio tournament at Hapa’s Brewing Company in San Jose as the weekly blind draw of Silicon Valley Cornhole, a club I founded 2 years ago. That represents a full year of Switcholio, because on Wednesday January 16, 2019 I ran the first Switcholio tournament…in the world…EVER! The anniversary inspired me to look back at the inception of the idea and the amazing way it’s grown and impacted how cornhole is played across the country.

Meet the World’s Best Cornhole Player Profile: SPR+

There’s no other system that does a better job of quantifying cornhole players’ skill level and ranking them than the SPR system we’ve been beta testing for a few months…bar none! But if you know us, you know that’s not good enough. We’ve tweaked and tuned the algorithm behind SPR, addressed lots of concerns that came up, listened to what YOU wanted out of an upgraded player experience, ad have come up with something we really think you’re going to like.

Comparing Brackelope and Scoreholio

Brackelope is a simple yet capable iOS app that lets you generate and run tournament brackets. Scoreholio lets you create brackets too, but that’s just one feature of many. Scoreholio is a full-featured tournament automation solution that makes life easier for tournament directors, offers up a wider variety of formats to meet the needs of different kinds of events and leagues, and makes events more fun and interactive for players and spectators onsite and around the world.

The Next Step for our Labor of Love: Optional Upgrade Plans

Since its inception, Scoreholio has been a labor of love. We LOVE working with y’all to craft a tournament automation platform that’s changing the game for the better, and look forward to continuing to do so. Can’t forget the LABOR though – building and continuously improving an app like Scoreholio ain’t easy, nor is offering live chat support to a rapidly growing customer base. That’s why on October 1st we’ll introduce a few upgrade options that’ll give appreciative users a way to show us some love, help us keep providing kickass support, and fund the continuing enhancement of the app.

Getting Started with Scoreholio

Getting started with any new piece of software can be daunting, especially one you’ll be using to do something as complex as running a cornhole tournament. We’ve tried to answer a bunch of questions in our FAQ and provide docs and tutorials that help you learn how to do everything you’ll need to do, but I wanted to summarize here the steps involved it with getting started with Scoreholio.

How to Run Big Multi-Stage Cornhole Tournaments with Scoreholio

Many people incorrectly think Scoreholio won’t work for big events because they learn the app supports up to 8 courts per “tournament” and brackets are limited to 32 participants. But most tournaments bigger than that break things up anyway. One approach is to run skill-based brackets or pools like advanced, competitive and social. Another approach is to run round robin pools and then seed upper and lower playoffs based on the results. This is the approach most really big tournaments (like 300+ team Spencer Makenzie’s Throwdown) use, and it’s a great fit for Scoreholio.

Switching Up Your Blind Draw Cornhole Tournament with “Switcholio”

No matter what format you run, if you assign partners totally at random you frequently end up with some stacked teams and some weak teams, which doesn’t make for a fun event. Before Scoreholio I addressed this problem by classifying my players as As and Bs with playing cards. While discussing this problem with fellow club runners, I had the idea of assigning people a new partner for every game of the round robin. And Switcholio was born! Switcholio is a blind draw round robin in which players get a new partner for every game, and get ranked on an individual basis. The organizer can use that leaderboard to recognize and reward top finishers, or seed them into a single elimination playoff.

7 Ways to Display Scoreholio Tablet Scoreboards

There are lots of ways you can set up a Scoreholio-powered tablet scoreboard at each court. I’ll introduce below the options you have, from simple tablet stands to score towers you can buy, plus some of the creative solutions our users (including me) have built on their own.

Setting the Right Number of Courts and Games for Your Round Robin Cornhole Tournament

One of the best things about round robin is that everybody gets to play the same number of games. To make sure that happens, you need to know many games you should let them play, how many courts you should run, etc. The good news is that it’s easy peasy thanks to some rules of thumb I’ll share below. I’ll explain a little bit of the “why” for you curious types.

If you’re looking for easiest peasiest mode, here’s two things that render the rest of this blog unnecessary.

4 is Your Friend: If you run four games, you’ll always be golden.
Odd + Odd = Bad: Don’t run an odd # of games and an odd # of teams.