• 1
    Preview Bracket Option
    5 months agoopen0
    Add a preview bracket option for admin. This will eliminate sending notifications to players if the bracket was created wrong and needs to be deleted.
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    Event Details in Organizer Options
    6 months agoopen0
    Would it be possible to add additional details to events on the organizer options tab. At a quick glance an admin could see player/team count, format and duration.
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    Mobile Search for Events
    7 months agocompleted0
    Can a search bar be added on mobile to find tournaments or leagues? This would make it easier to find a specific event if you don't know what the admin named it.
  • 2
    Lock/Remove Courts
    10 months agoopen0
    From the admin screen, add a feature to lock a court from accepting new matches. Once the active match on that court has completed, provide an option to unlock or remove the court.
  • 3
    Real-Time Scores in DE
    11 months agoopen2
    Can you display real-time scores in the DE bracket view?
  • 3
    Court Battery Notification
    11 months agocompleted0
    Would it be possible for the admin to get a notification if a court device was low battery? A feature the admin can turn on and set a certain % of when they want to receive a notification. Something l... Read more...
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    DE Bracket Path
    11 months agoopen0
    In Losers bracket, add where the losers of each game goes. Such as "Loser of Game 5" instead of "TBD".
  • 4
    Bracket Game #'s
    11 months agoopen2
    Have a game # within the brackets. If games 1-4 are playing and you're game 9, You know there's time to go grab a drink.