Comparing Brackelope and Scoreholio

With this post I want to present a fair, factual look at what each of these apps does, and does not do, so you can decide which is right for you. There’s nothing wrong with the girl in blue, but the girl in red has a lot to offer and I hope you’ll at least check her out, and maybe give her a chance.


Brackelope is a simple yet capable iOS app that lets you generate and run tournament brackets. Scoreholio lets you create brackets too, but that’s just one feature of many. Scoreholio is a full-featured tournament automation solution that makes life easier for tournament directors, offers up a wider variety of formats to meet the needs of different kinds of events and leagues, and makes events more fun and interactive for players and spectators onsite and around the world.

Device Support

  • Brackelope is an iOS app for Apple phones and tablets.
  • Scoreholio is available as an iOS app, an Android app, a web app, and an Amazon Fire app.


  • The free version of Brackelope supports single elimination brackets up to 16 players. For $10 you can unlock double elimination brackets, and brackets of up to 128 players.
  • The free version of Scoreholio supports round robin play, and single and double elimination brackets up to 32 player or teams. That meets most needs for almost everybody, but for serious organizers we offer paid plans that unlock the ability to run tournaments on up to 16 courts, create 64-player/team brackets, import so you can run multi-stage tournaments or leagues, hit us up for live chat support, and more.


  • Brackelope is self-contained and doesn’t need Internet connectivity.
  • Scoreholio requires an Internet connection; either WiFi or a phone’s 3G/4G data service. Note that you can run a tournament with just one connected device thanks to Kiosk mode. Ideally you can get signal for the scoreboards via wifi or hotspot, but it’s not necessary.

Ease of Use

  • When I first started using Brackelope I didn’t find it very intuitive, but since it’s purpose-built for the job of building brackets, without a lot of bells and whistles, it’s pretty easy to figure everything out.
  • If Brackelope is a hammer, Scoreholio is a set of power tools. The additional capabilities and options you’ll read about below means there’s more to master, which means a learning curve, but our users say it’s way more than worth investing the little bit of time it takes to figure things out. We do provide a fairly comprehensive set of FAQs, documentation and tutorials including walkthrough videos, and provide pretty kickass customer support if you need help getting off the ground.


  • With Brackelope you just enter whatever name they want displayed. Once you have a bunch of players in your instance of the app, you can pick them from a list. Note that Brackelope doesn’t support the notion of teams, so for BYOP events you just enter the team name.
  • Scoreholio lets you check players in by scanning a QR code on their phone. If somebody really doesn’t want to take 30 seconds to download the app, you can enter them manually.
  • If you are running a BYOP event or league, you can create teams as you check people in, or if you’ve already created their team (either ahead of time or while registering their partner a little earlier) you can just pick their team name from a list.

Round Robin

  • Brackelope doesn’t support round robin play.
  • Scoreholio supports full round robin where everybody plays everybody (say 4 to 8 players or teams) and partial round robin where everybody plays a certain number of games against random opponents from a larger pool which could be dozens of players/teams.
  • As part of a round robin tournament you can generate a single or double elimination bracket that’s seeded based on the results of the round robin. You can also split and merge multiple round robins into multiple playoff brackets.

Blind Draw Options

  • Brackelope supports blind draw.
  • Scoreholio also supports blind draw, with the optional ability to group players into A and B based on their skill level, or even A, B and C.
  • Scoreholio also offers a unique blind draw format called Switcholio that assigns each player a new random partner for each round of the round robin.


  • Free Brackelope supports single elimination up to 16 players, the Pro version supports single and double elimination up to 128 players.
  • Scoreholio supports single and double elimination brackets of up to 32 players or teams in the free version, upgradable to support for up to 64 players or teams.
  • Scoreholio’s double elimination brackets match which some major governing bodies use, so directors in that system can run their tournaments with Scoreholio and enter scores/results into their system after the fact.

Reporting Scores/Results

  • With Brackelope, players report scores to the tournament director who enters them in the app.
  • With Scoreholio you can do that to, but you can also have players update their own scores and enter game results either using interactive scoreboards on each court, or with single device you set up in “kiosk mode.”

Alerts and Notifications

  • Brackelope doesn’t support alerts.
  • Scoreholio automatically notifies players when they’re up and on which court. They also get fun notes of congratulations or condolences after each game.
  • Scoreholio also lets you send custom notifications to all players so you can promote drink specials or thank a sponsor, whatever.

Sharing Status/Results

  • Brackelope lets you share a URL that displays that latest state of the bracket. Note that it doesn’t display scores, and is only updated when you refresh your browser window.
  • Scoreholio offers a real-time dashboard that is accessible in the app, via the web, and can be displayed on any monitor from your computer via HDMI, or using an Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • During round robin play the dashboard displays all active games (including current score if players are entering it) along with the queue of upcoming players or teams, and a leaderboard ranked by record or points.
  • During bracket play, the dashboard displays a continuously refreshed view of the bracket including real-tiime scores and results.

Tracking Player Performance

  • Brackelope doesn’t track player performance.
  • Scoreholio collects and makes available a full record of each player’s games including wins and losses and points scored and given up. It uses that data to formulate a “Scoreholio Player Rating” that moves up or down after every game based on the result, point differential and relative strength of their opponent.

Development Activity

  • Brackelope was last updated in 2017.
  • Scoreholio is continuously updated with enhancements, fixes and new features.

Customer Support

  • Brackelope does not offer customer support.
  • Scoreholio offers support via the moderated Scoreholio Event Organizers user group, and via live chat during business hours for customers on any paid plan.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • Scoreholio has a 4.7/5 rating in the Apple app store, 4.5 in Android and 4.5/5 in Amazon based on a total of 82 reviews, plus 15 Facebook recommendations, and dozens of testimonials from delighted tournament directors on its web site.