Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Formats & Features

Yes. Scoreholio supports both single elimination brackets and double elimination brackets of up to 32 players or teams. You can run such brackets as your entire tournament or as automatically seeded playoffs after round robin play.

Example of a Scoreholio Single Elimination Bracket

Example of a Scoreholio Double Elimination Bracket


For doubles events you can assign set teams for “BYOP” events, or randomize players blind draw style. And for blind draws you can either randomize across all players or break people into skill-based pools (A, B and C) to ensure parity.

Scoreholio lets you really mix things up with a format called “Switcholio” that assigns players a new partner for each game of round robin play! Scoreholio maintains a leaderboard of individuals based on each person’s points. You can either recognize places/winners based on that leaderboard, or pair them off one last time and run a seeded single elimination playoff.

New players love Switcholio because they get to play several games without the pressure of holding back a top player, and top players like it for the individual leaderboard and ability to earn a high seed in the playoffs. Organizers love Switcholio because if they run 4 games they can include any number of players, and even let players join late or leave early.

You can play around with Scoreholio to see how it works using our demo account. The login is and the password is “Cornhole!”

All features and functions are unlocked, including scoreboards, dashboard, etc. so feel free to use this account to explore how the various formats and functionality work, or to run through a fully fleshed out “test instance” of an event or league you want to run.

Don’t forget to come back to this FAQ if you have questions, or check out the Docs.

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Scoreholio uses something called a random number generator (RNG) to assign random partners in blind draws. Scoreholio applies random number generation by generating two random numbers representing players. If those two randomly generated numbers aren’t the same number, then the players they represent are matched up.

Tournament directors have the option of grouping players by skill level before the randomization process, and of manually pairing specific players.

To dive deeper into randomization process and options, click here.

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You can always play in Scoreholio tournaments as a guest, but providing an email address gives Scoreholio the ability to track your results and generate a “Scoreholio Player Rating” (SPR) that rises and falls with every game you play.

(Note that this functionality is in BETA! We’re still optimizing and testing the system. To access it you need to agree to submit feedback, be patient, and understand that we might change the way the system works or reset all SPR’s at any time.)

How is SPR calculated?

You start with an SPR of 50. When you win it goes up, and when you lose it goes down. How much? That depends! Beating somebody with a higher SPR will reward you more than beating somebody with a lower one, while losing to an opponent with a higher SPR won’t punish you as much as losing to a lesser opponent. At the same time, a big win or loss with a differential of 15 points will affect your rating more than a narrow 1 or 2 point win or loss. (If you’re familiar with Elo, yes, it’s like that!)

In doubles games, the SPR of each team is the average of the two players’ SPRs. If a 45 plays with a 55, for example, against a 50 playing with a 60, the SPR rating effect is calculated as if somebody with a 50 SPR was playing somebody with a 55 SPR.

How is “home club” determined?

Whichever club you have played the most games with, out of your last 50 games, is your home club.

How can I see my SPR?

To see your SPR and player profile click the Profile tab in the Checkin section of the app. Once you validate your email address by entering a 4-digit PIN we send you, you’ll be able to see your Profile. Your profile includes your SPR and win percentage, along with a bunch of other cool historical data as seen in this example: wins and losses, points scored and given up, a detailed log and a chart of all your SPR changes of the last 50 games you’ve played.

What is SPR used for?

Today all we’re doing with SPR is generating global and club rankings, both of which are accessible via the Rankings tab. Global Ranking is a list of the players with the 200 highest SPRs, and Club Ranking you see is that of the club that you’ve played the most events with.

Over time we’ll do more with them, and are open to suggestions! For example, we might give tournament directors the option to seed brackets based on SPRs, or factor SPRs into the assignment of partners in blind draws or Switcholio tournaments.


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Devices & Connectivity

  1. Phones/tablets: A full-featured mobile app lets you set up and run entire tournaments with your Apple or Android phone or tablet, running at least iOS 10 or Android 5.1.1. (You can also use Apple devices running iOS 9+ as scoreboards, but not run tournaments from them.)
  2. Computers: You can also create and run Scoreholio tournaments on computers using modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  3. Amazon devices: A companion Amazon app lets you display scoreboards and dashboards on Fire tablets or with a FireTV stick, 4th generation or later.

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Nothing! Yes, it’s free.

Scoreholio automates bracket and round robin play, alerts players when they’re up on which court, and lets people on site and around the world follow the action from their phones. You can use “kiosk mode” to easily enter scores from your phone, and if you really want to take your tournaments to the next level you can set up an interactive scoreboards on every court and display a dashboard that lets everybody follow the real-time scores and results.

We offer comprehensive documentation and helpful tutorials on our web site, and provide community support via a Facebook group called Scoreholio Event Organizers.

Optional Upgrade Plans

You can upgrade to one of our paid plans if you want support or need fancy functionality like the ability to import players from one tournament to another (for running leagues or splitting pools into multiple playoff brackets, for example) or run big brackets of more than 32 players or teams.


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You can use Apple, Android and Amazon phones or tablet as a scoreboard, as long as they’re iOS 9+, Android 5.1.1+ or 4th gen, respectively. You can log any player’s phone in as the scoreboard for a given court if you want, but you’ll need to log them out immediately afterward.

If you want to set up dedicated scoreboards on each court, we recommend Amazon Fire 7 tablets, which you can buy for as little as $30 and usually $40-50.

For a dashboard, many venues have TVs you can stream your dashboard to. You can do that from a laptop via HDMI, an Amazon Fire TV stick, or if it’s “Smart” TV you can bring up your dashboard in the web browser by going to If the venue doesn’t have a TV or projector you can use, can buy a decent size TV with Amazon Fire built in for as little as $130. Check out our recommended devices page to see OS requirements, current prices and links.

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You do need whatever device you’re using to manage the tournament to have access to the internet. Most people use their phone for that, so no problem.

From there, setting up scoreboards at each court takes your tournament to the next level, and they do need internet connectivity. Displaying a dashboard on a monitor, projector or TV can also make an event more fun, and that’s obviously got to have internet access too.

If you’re in a location without WiFi you can use a mobile hotspot, either your phone’s or a MiFi device. More on that here.

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Just once. You need to be connected to the internet the very first time you open the free play scoreboard, but after that you will be able to use it without an internet connection. 

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Still have questions?

To dive in and see how Scoreholio works, see our tutorials.

To ask questions, join Scoreholio Event Organizers group in Facebook.