Add Real-time Scoring Widget to a Livestream

Scoreholio provides a widget that makes it easy to display the score of any game as part of any OBS-based livestream, such that the score is automatically in the feed as players themselves update the score. Note that you DO need to know how to set up a livestream with OBS software to take advantage of this feature.

Here are a couple examples of people covering one, two and even three courts with live streams and scoring widgets.

To create the widget, go to the Playoffs tab and click the “Stream Widget” button with the appropriate court selected.

That will bring up a browser tab with a URL and preview of the widget, like this. Simply copy that URL and paste it into your OBS software.

Streaming Main Court of a Non-Scoreholio Event

If you are running your main event with some other system, you can still use our widget to stream a main court. Simply create a little one-court tournament with 4 players in it, with placeholder names, and create/stream the court 1 widget. When you want to put a game onto that court to livestream it, just edit the placeholder names to whoever is playing.

Video Tutorial

Here’s Ben explaining how to embed a live scoring widget into an OBS feed.

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