Assign or Edit Team Names

If you’re doing set teams for a bring your own partner (BYOP) doubles or crew cup (4-person teams) tournament, you can create and rename teams via the Players tab of the admin interface. Some directors like to set up teams before their event to streamline checkin.


Team Creation/Assignment as Part of Checkin

You can also create and assign teams as part of the checkin process. If you created teams in advance, or already checked in somebody’s partner, you can “Select Existing Team.” If not, create a new team name and it will be added to the dropdown menu for when you check their partner in.

Team Names in Blind Draw Events

In Blind Draw tournaments, team names are automatically generated when you randomize your players into pairs by combining the players’ names with an ampersand. Note that as part of the app-based checkin process last names are abbreciated to an initial. So Jack Smith and Jill Jones would become Jack S. and Jill J. upon checkin, and if they get paired up their team name will be Jack S. & Jill J. You can edit that team name by clicking their team in the Round Robin tab.

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