Edit Your Tournament

You Edit any part of your tournament through the web at app.scoreholio.com or by going to Organizer Options on your phone. One section that you CANNOT change after you have begun signing up players is the “team generation” section. Please make sure you select that correctly the first time.

Scoreholio lets you change pretty much anything you’d expect to be able to change mid tournament. You can change the number of games in a round robin, number of courts, point cap, time limit, and even method of ranking participants, i.e. “record then points” or just “total points.” If you’re running a round robin or Switcholio event you can even add participants after you’re underway.

NOTE: When you update the # of courts in a tournament for a bracket. The system will let the game finish that is currently on the court before removing that court from play.

When you go into organizer options and see your tournaments, click or swipe to access the “Edit” screen for a given event. You’ll basically see the same screen you used to create and configure your event in the first place.

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