Decide How Many Round Robin Games to Run

One of the best things about round robin is that everybody gets to play the same number of games. To make sure that happens, you need to run the right number of games for the number of players or teams you have. Dont worry, though, it’s SUPER EASY if you know these two rules of thumb:

  1. Four is Your Friend: You can make things easy peasy by running any even number of games, but two isn’t enough and six is usually too many so most organizers run four games. You CAN run 3 or 5 games if you want, but it’s important that you have an even number of teams, because…
  1. Odd + Odd = Bad: If you run an odd number of teams in an odd number of round robin games, you will end up with some teams short a game, which you’ll need to deal with.

If you want to learn more, read this blog post, which explains these tips in terms of singles tournaments, set teams tournaments (Blind Draw or BYOP) and our unique Switcholio format that gives players a new partner for every game.

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