How much does it cost to buy scoreboards and a dashboard?

You can use Apple, Android and Amazon phones or tablet as a scoreboard, as long as they’re iOS 9+, Android 5.1.1+ or 4th gen, respectively. You can log any player’s phone in as the scoreboard for a given court if you want, but you’ll need to log them out immediately afterward.

If you want to set up dedicated scoreboards on each court, we recommend Amazon Fire 7 tablets, which you can buy for as little as $30 and usually $40-50.

For a dashboard, many venues have TVs you can stream your dashboard to. You can do that from a laptop via HDMI, an Amazon Fire TV stick, or if it’s “Smart” TV you can bring up your dashboard in the web browser by going to If the venue doesn’t have a TV or projector you can use, can buy a decent size TV with Amazon Fire built in for as little as $130. Check out our recommended devices page to see OS requirements, current prices and links.

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