How much does it cost to get started with Scoreholio?

Nothing! Yes, it’s free.

Scoreholio automates bracket and round robin play, alerts players when they’re up on which court, and lets people on site and around the world follow the action from their phones. You can use “kiosk mode” to easily enter scores from your phone, and if you really want to take your tournaments to the next level you can set up an interactive scoreboards on every court and display a dashboard that lets everybody follow the real-time scores and results.

We offer comprehensive documentation and helpful tutorials on our web site, and provide community support via a Facebook group called Scoreholio Event Organizers.

Optional Upgrade Plans

You can upgrade to one of our paid plans if you want support or need fancy functionality like the ability to import players from one tournament to another (for running leagues or splitting pools into multiple playoff brackets, for example) or run big brackets of more than 32 players or teams.


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