How to Run Switcholio with Limited Number of Players

When we introduced Switcholio in January 2018, we had dozens of players in mind, and the system generally requires that you have at least half a dozen players waiting in the Coming Up queue. If you don’t have enough players in the queue it won’t be able to randomize pairings in such a way that people never play with the same partner a second time, and only play against a given person once.

This obviously presents a problem if you only have 8 or a dozen people total, but you CAN run Switcholio with smaller numbers of players, or with 100% of a larger group playing at all time, by using the Pause GamePlay function. (note: requires pro level subscription or above)

Imagine you start a tournament with 10 people on 2 courts. 8 people are placed onto the two courts. When the first game ends, those four players go into the queue and two of them immediately get paired with the two in the queue. Switcholio has to identify a valid set of pairings of four people out of a pool of six. That’ll stop working after a game or two because those same players will keep coming off the court together. It’d be better if Switcholio could pair people up from every player in the tournament…make sense?

After the first set of games gets underway, click the Pause GamePlay toggle in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now when the first game finishes, those players go into the queue, but “Pause GamePlay = Yes” prevents anybody from getting paired up or placed into a game.

When the second game ends, those four players go into Coming Up. Now you toggle the Pause GamePlay to No, click Advance Game, and the system will assign four new pairings out of all 10 players and place them into two new games. Once those two games are started, turn Pause GamePlay back on so when the first of them ends, the system will hold until you unpause things once the second game ends.

I hope that makes sense. If not, or you want to discuss, head over to our user group or hit up live chat if you’re a paid subscriber.

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