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Watch Ben show you how to use the pre-registration and pre-pay features. Read Below for more detail:

The Scoreholio team is excited to support pre-registration feature, and will soon support the ability to collect payment as part of the registration process. This is going to make your tournaments run even smoother and makes registration easy peasy.  Here are the steps for how to make this pre-registration magic happen…

Getting Started

  1. Enable Pre-Registration as part of setup process
    Toggle “Enable Pre-Regisration” to the on position in iOS, ior say “Yes” in Android.
  2. Configure # of Spots and Closing Time
  3. Add details about your tournament
    Describe cost, payout/prizes, parking tips, rules about outside beverages, when courts will be available for warmup, etc.
  4. Promote Your Tournament
    The key to a successful pre-reg campaign is to share your tournament with prospective players — members of your league, an email list from previous tournaments, friends and family, social media, etc.
    To do that, go to the tournaments tab and select the “Mine” tab. Click the arrow to expose the tournament options and click the hamburger icon in the upper right corner.

  • You can share all of your tournaments or just the one tournament.
  • When a player clicks the link it will bring them straight to the tournament in the app.
  • If they do not have the Scoreholio app they will be taken to the app store first.     

* Make sure you tell people to click on the link from a mobile  phone in order to Pre-Register.

How Players Pre-Register

Players click Pre-Register to register their teams or as themselves for singles/blind draw/switcholio. Note that for set teams players CANNOT create a team name. The first player to register, their display name will show up as a team and then their teammates can JOIN them on the team. You can change their team name at any time.

Checking in Players at the Tournament

You do not want a “no show” to end up as a live player in your tournament, so do not check players in until they do so at the event itself.
For blind draw events, you can scan pre-pegistered players in like normal and they will automatically be checked in.
For singles and set teams tournaments, there are 2 ways to check people in, shown below.  Note that once you check in any member of a set team, players cannot pre-register onto that team.

Here are the two ways you can check in singles and set teams at your event:

  1. With Admin Interface
  2. Checkin Screen

Accepting Payment as Part of Pre-Registration

If you choose to accept payment as part of pre-registration, you can accept tournament fees via PayPal or any major credit card, and in a growing number of currencies. Here’s how:

  1. Outside of Scoreholio, sign into the PayPal account into which you’ll be accepting money. You’ll need a business account to accept payments, so if it’s not you’ll need to convert it or set up a new one.
  2. Back in Scoreholio, open Organizer Options then click on the Settings tab on the top right. When the sub menu comes up, click Accept Payments. You will need to verify your phone number and email and then connect your PayPal account.
  3. Default currency is US Dollars, but if you are in another country you can change it by going into Organizer Options and editing your profile.
  4. Once that is set up, you’ll be able to set a payment acceptance policy as part of event setup. You can set the event to not accept payments, to accept payments, and to require payments.
  5. If Payments are set to Optional or Required, you’ll see a new PayPal Transactions section under the Players/Teams sections in the app. It will show how many transactions you’ve received, total amount received, and detail for each transaction.


Some unavoidable fees come in to play, because payment processing costs money, simple as that. You can’t do “friends and family mode” for clearly commercial purposes like a cornhole tournament. Each pre-registration payment will include a PayPal processing fee of 2.9% of the cost plus $0.30, and a Scoreholio handling fee of 2% with a maximum of $0.99.

You can set who pays the fees, too — with a simple toggle you can have the player do so, or you can cover them yourself. This table shows what the fee structure looks like in each of those cases, with some common tournament registration amounts as examples.

Players Paying Fees

Cost of Event PayPal Fee Scoreholio Fee Player Pays
Organizer Gets
$5.00 $0.46 $0.10 $5.56 $5.00
$10.00 $0.61 $0.20 $10.81 $10.00
$25.00 $1.07 $0.50 $26.57 $25.00
$50.00 $1.83 $0.99 $52.82 $50.00
$100.00 $.3.33 $0.99 $104.32 $100.00

Organizer Paying Fees

Cost of Event PayPal Fee Scoreholio Fee Player Pays
Organizer Gets
$5.00 $0.45 $0.10 $5.00 $4.45
$10.00 $0.59 $0.20 $10.00 $9.21
$25.00 $1.03 $0.50 $25.00 $23.48
$50.00 $1.75 $0.99 $50.00 $47.26
$100.00 $3.20 $0.99 $100.00 $95.81


Note that the PayPal fee represents a bigger percentage of smaller amounts because of the fixed $0.30 they charge, and gets bigger but represents less on a percentage basis for larger amounts. For example, the $0.46 fee on a $5 payment is about 9%, while the $3.33 is just 3.3% of a $100 registration cost. The Scoreholio fee comes down ever more dramatically on a percentage basis when you are collecting for events that cost more than $50 because of the $0.99 cap, to the point that it amounts to just 1% of a $100 tournament fee.

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