Run multiple brackets off of one round robin (or combine multiple pools into one bracket)

When you run a round robin, you can spin up one single or double elimination playoff bracket based on the results of the round robin directly within the tournament, using the Playoff tab. If you want to break things up into multiple brackets, you’ll set up those brackets as their own tournaments and import players. You can do this to split a big pool into multiple brackets, or combine multiple pools into one bracket, etc.

Before Your Event

The key to an efficient transition is setting up your additional brackets ahead of time. The first time I did this I was able to get FIVE brackets of 8 players each going in exactly three minutes.

  1. Create a new tournament for the additional bracket(s).
    Set it for single elimination or double elimination, and set team generation to whatever your original tournament was set to, i.e. Singles, Set Teams or Switcholio. If your main tournament was a Blind Draw, choose Set Teams becase you’ll be using the teams that were randomized at the beginning of that tournament, not creating new ones.
  2. Rename Courts
    Go to Setup/Rename Courts and rename the courts of the new bracket to match whatever court names/numbers people got used to during the round robin.  For example, if you’re running bracket A on courts 1 and 2, and bracket B on courts 3 and 4, the default names for the courts of B bracket will be 1 and 2, which would be confusing. Rename them 1 and 2, easy peasy. Now go to each scoreboard and log them in to the bracket.

When Round Robin Ends

You absolutely MUST wait until the Switcholio round robin is over. If you don’t standings could change and mess things up good.

  1. Import Players: Go to the Setup/Players tab of the admin interface for that new tournament and click the blue Import button. Pick your main tournament from the picklist and set it to sort the leaderboard the same way your main tournament was set up, i.e. Record or Points. This is very important, because if you don’t then people WILL end up in different positions each way, and people on the bubble WILL end up in both pools, or neither. Then Scroll down and highlight the players you want to import from the list below. If your main playoffs were your top 16 and you want this to be a consolation bracket of the next 16 teams, highlight 17-24 in the list. Leave the defaults of yes for Win/Loss Record and Game Log, and no for Times Played.
  2. Create Bracket
    Now pop over to the Playoffs tab and click the green “Create Playoff Bracket” button. Since you only imported the players you wanted to include in this bracket, you’ll probably be picking the max number, e.g. 8 in this case. For this example I’ve shown a Switcholio bracket for which you also need to select seeding method.

Et Voila!

That’s all there is to it!

This example goes through the process of setting up just one extra bracket, but you can do as many of these as you want. You can even use this technique to run complex multi-stage tournaments with hundreds of players or teams by pulling players from lots of small pools into one playoff bracket, like the World Cup, or split one big round robin into multiple playoff brackets, like a championship bracket and a consolation bracket.

Here’s Ben walking you through the Import feature:

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