How to run Switcholio with any # of games

One of my favorite things about Switcholio is you can include any number of players, and even add people late, and if you set up the round robin for 4 games everybody will automatically play exactly four games.

But sometimes you only have time to run 3 games, or want to run more than 4 games. I actually wrote an article about the combos of players and games that work, but it’s actually possible to skip all that math, do what you want, and be comfortable equalizing things if the need arises.

With the techniques I’ll describe below you can run Switcholio with any number of games.
Note that while you can add people late, people bailing mid-tournament squirrels things up, so you should know how to manually equalize games in case that happens anyway.

First, a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Your goal is to give everybody the same opportunity to score points.
  2. You can manually edit any players point total.
  3. The only scenarios you need to worry about are 1, 2 or 3 players being short a game.
    (because if there are 4 they’ll be automatically paired and placed in a game)

How to Equalize Games at the End of a Switcholio Round Robin

  • If 1 Player is Short a Game: When this happens I pick somebody in the middle of the pack and ask them to play the shorted player in a 1 on 1 game. I ask the two of them to track their points with a free play scoreboard, and when they’re done I edit the point total of the player who was short a game. Yes, you need to make sure whoever plays them doesn’t tank the game to give them max points. Alternatively, you could let them throw four frames, counting their score. A good player will easily max out, of course, while lesser players will get some number of points commensurate that reflects their skill level.
  • If 2 Players are Short a Game: This is even easier-peasier, as you want them to play against each other. You can do that by doing what I suggested above, or go to the player tab and add two fake players called “Nobody” and manually pair each of the shorted players with one of them and get a game going that way.
  • If 3 Player is Short a Game: In this case I’ll go to my player tab and create a fake player that I call “Nobody.” Now I have four players who need games, so I hit “Advance Game” and away they go. Whoever ets paired with “Nobody” is a walker, meaning they play both ends of the game.

That’s what I’d do, but you can deal with those same situations however you want. My goal was just to help you see how easy it can be, maybe inspire some better ideas — if you have any questions or suggestions, voice them in our user group!

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