What’s a Scoreholio Player Rating?

You can always play in Scoreholio tournaments as a guest, but providing an email address gives Scoreholio the ability to track your results and generate a “Scoreholio Player Rating” (SPR) that rises and falls with every game you play.

(Note that this functionality is in BETA! We’re still optimizing and testing the system. To access it you need to agree to submit feedback, be patient, and understand that we might change the way the system works or reset all SPR’s at any time.)

How is SPR calculated?

You start with an SPR of 50. When you win it goes up, and when you lose it goes down. How much? That depends! Beating somebody with a higher SPR will reward you more than beating somebody with a lower one, while losing to an opponent with a higher SPR won’t punish you as much as losing to a lesser opponent. At the same time, a big win or loss with a differential of 15 points will affect your rating more than a narrow 1 or 2 point win or loss. (If you’re familiar with Elo, yes, it’s like that!)

In doubles games, the SPR of each team is the average of the two players’ SPRs. If a 45 plays with a 55, for example, against a 50 playing with a 60, the SPR rating effect is calculated as if somebody with a 50 SPR was playing somebody with a 55 SPR.

How is “home club” determined?

Whichever club you have played the most games with, out of your last 50 games, is your home club.

How can I see my SPR?

To see your SPR and player profile click the Profile tab in the Checkin section of the app. Once you validate your email address by entering a 4-digit PIN we send you, you’ll be able to see your Profile. Your profile includes your SPR and win percentage, along with a bunch of other cool historical data as seen in this example: wins and losses, points scored and given up, a detailed log and a chart of all your SPR changes of the last 50 games you’ve played.

What is SPR used for?

Today all we’re doing with SPR is generating global and club rankings, both of which are accessible via the Rankings tab. Global Ranking is a list of the players with the 200 highest SPRs, and Club Ranking you see is that of the club that you’ve played the most events with.

Over time we’ll do more with them, and are open to suggestions! For example, we might give tournament directors the option to seed brackets based on SPRs, or factor SPRs into the assignment of partners in blind draws or Switcholio tournaments.


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