Setting Up an Organizer Account

Want to run the most efficient fun tournaments on the planet? Its easy and free to sign up for an organizer account.

To set up an account go to Organizer Options and click Sign in with Email.

Enter your first name and last name and create a password:
(NOTE: If you are going to be sharing your organizer password with other admins to help run your tournaments you may want to make your password generic an easy. Also note you will be asked to login again to get to admin or create scoreboards.)


For the most part Scoreholio is FREE to use and run tournaments. If you want to run bigger tournaments you will need to purchase an upgrade. All upgrades can be billed on a monthly basis and cancelled at anytime or paid for at a discount if you pay for the year. Check here for our pricing benefits: PRICING

To upgrade click on the settings tab on the top right and then click Upgrade Plan.

To Cancel a Subscription: All Scoreholio Subscriptions are handled through the app store. Simply go on your phones settings to where your subscriptions are handled and delete the subscription.

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