Use Kiosk Mode to Enter Scores

To run tournaments without interactive scoreboards on every court (whether because you don’t have any or enough tablets or if you don’t have good WiFi) you can enter scores for all games with one device by accessing what we call “kiosk mode.” You can even set up a tablet in a central location and let players enter their own scores — if you trust them to do so.

From that screen when you click any court number you’ll get the same scoreboard just like you’re used to and enter the score, easy peasy!

Accessing Kiosk Mode

You can access Kiosk Mode in two ways:

  1. Click “Tournaments” from the main screen, find your tournament, click the same icon you use to open a scoreboard and select Kiosk Mode which will be at the bottom of the dropdown.
  2. From within the admin interface, go to the Playoffs tab and click the dropdown next to the orange “Open Scoreboard” button and select Kiosk which again will be the last option in the dropdown. This is what that looks like on Android.

Here’s a video walkthrough:

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