Assigning ACL Points from Scoreholio Tournaments

If you’ve seen cornhole on ESPN lately, you’re familiar with the American Cornhole League. The ACL powers the sport of cornhole with software that lets directors promote and run events that utilize a tiered points system to rank players on a local, regional and national level. Thanks to that points system, even somebody who’s playing in a small weekly blind draw is actually competing in the same league/system as the pros they see on TV, which I think is really cool!

The ACL encourages directors to experiment with alternative formats to grow the sport. Some ACL directors are using Scoreholio to add round robin qualifying to their events, entering the results of the subsequent playoff brackets into the ACL administration system.

I’ve documented below the pretty straightforward process below, and if you’re more of a video person, and check out this video that Todd Kisicki, ACL National Director, posted in the Scoreholio Event Organizers group. (Pro tip: if you’ve read this far you should join!)

Step 1: Run Your Event

Step one is to run your Scoreholio event as normal: round robin, seeded playoffs, the works. Note that you don’t need to do anything with the ACL site while you’re running your event; it all happens afterward.

Step 2: Create Bracket in ACL Web Site

When you’re ready to enter results into ACL, you’ll log in at and create up your ACL event. I won’t dive into that as they provide great video tutorials. The only things you need to know are to set division as Advanced, and to set Blind Draw Event as “No – BYOP”. Scoreholio already randomized the teams and they played together in the round robin, so from the ACL point of view they’re entering the playoffs as predefined teams.

Once you’ve set created your event, go to My ACL Events and click the Event Dashboard button to manage it. Click the “Setup Bracket” tab and enter the number of teams.

Step 3: Populate the Bracket with Players

You’ll enter teams in the same order they appear in the standings, which are at the bottom of the Playoffs tab beneath the bracket.

If they’re already in ACL’s system it goes crazy fast. If they’re not, you’ll have to go enter them. Not gonna cover that, they provide a tutorial. I’ll just say ACL asks for a bunch of fields – email address, birthday, the works, lots of information you won’t have. These standings at the bottom of hte Playoff tab does at least provide their last name and email address, which is a good start.

Note that you’ll add every player to the ACL event, even if you only advanced a lesser number to the playoffs in Scoreholio. Seeding will put bottom teams against top teams. You’ll give the top teams a win against them, reflecting the fact that they basically got a bye and the other team didn’t make it.

You can skip the “send text” screen, move on to “Manage Bracket.”

Step 3: Enter Results

First you’ll give automatic losses to those teams that didn’t make your Scoreholio playoffs. Just record the team that did make it with a 21-0 win, and the other team will be left behind but still get their points. At that point you’ll have the same teams and matchups in ACL that you see in the first round of your Scoreholio bracket. Bring up the bracket part of the Playoffs tab and enter the scores you see there into ACL’s site.

Just bring them up next to each other and enter the scores like this:

When you’re done with that, set the event to “complete” and that should do the trick! If you have any problems with the ACL site/software, you’ll need to contact them.


I hope that helps you see how easy it is to port your Scoreholio event into ACL so your players get their points. If you have any questions, your best bet for help is chat us up during business hours or join the Scoreholio Event Organizers group in Faceboook.