Sorry if You’re Having Trouble with SPR+

Last week we launched SPR+ so those of you who want to dive deeper into stats and rankings can have the best player experience possible. As a team we spent countless hours testing the way it works, and how you upgrade to it, but the real world is a scary place for apps like ours with so many devices and OS versions and app versions and ways that people do things. And unfortunately some people are having trouble upgrading.

Here’s what we know and what we’re doing to fix things ASAP.

We’re doing our best to figure out exactly what environment or sequence of steps is leading to the problem, but it’s tricky.  The problems seem to be breaking into two categories:

  1. Paid organizers. We decided to give all paid organizers SPR+ for free. As thanks for their hard work and so they can show it off to their players. Our system has to account for an organizer having one email address for organizer and another for their player account. This has proved to work differently than we expected on our backend service provider. We are working with them to make sure we get it right, but some organizers are in limbo if you were nice enough to try to pay us for both.
  2. Android users prepaying for a year’s worth of SPR+. For a reason we have not yet figured out, Google Play Store is referencing your subscription level,mbut not communicating that to our subscription service provider . That means a lot of you are getting a “this may take a moment” or a “check back later” message in the app. We have been testing new ways to implement a “restore purchases” button that can solve this issue.

So what do I do?

Most folks have found that uninstalling the app and reinstalling a fresh version fixes the problem, so if you wouldn’t mind doing so, we’d appreciate it if you did that and let us know if it worked.

If you’re one of the folks who’s had trouble, please hit us up in live chat or email with a description of what you’ve experienced so we can get you squared away. We’ll need to know what kind of phone are you on, whether or not you’re a paid organizer, etc.

In conclusion…

As users ourselves we know how frustrating it is to have to update an app over and over. It is why we strive to update the app store as little as possible and do updates in big chunks. This SPR+ roll out has caused independent issues that we think we have pinpointed and are working through. We hope that being honest and transparent about the problem, and letting you know what we’re doing to fix it, will demonstrate our commitment to giving you the best experience possible. After all, without you there is no us.